Zulu Faz Announces Stone(d) Age Movement

The closing of a chapter and transitioning into the new is often symbolized by the end of the year. Reflection over past accomplishments causes a temporary reduction in progress during the holiday season. However, for Zulu Faz, it’s pedal to the metal as he takes advantage of every opportunity to expound on his brand. Between back to back performances, guest appearances, and industry media features, Faz has grown significantly in 2014 and he’s only getting started. His Stone(d) Age campaign for 2015 is underway and is expected to be received well by the masses.

Despite its suggestive name, the purpose of the movement is to cultivate creativity and individuality within today’s society.  It’s a call to action that reminds everyone what they are a capable of achieving whatever goals and aspirations that they are passionate about. Often referencing to the prehistoric era he says, “It’s time for us to stop being drones and take every opportunity to bring forth something innovative that’s going to change our world for the better. Whether it be in music, film, fashion – whatever.”

An EP is expected to be released in early January 2015 as a collaborative project with fellow indie artist, Nesha Nycee. For more information, follow Zulu Faz via Instagram or Twitter.