2nd Blog Post: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin was one of the first songs I wrote when I first decided to really pursue rapping. At that point I had written a bunch of songs and I felt myself getting better. It was the transition point between finishing Rhode Scholar Volume 1 and prepping for The Hill Complex. My main focus at the time, which is a staple for my creative writing, was finding the right production. I was focusing more on writing and not producing so I was beginning to look at new producers and explore more. I stumbled across a Sean Falyon track produced by Javis Faux and immediately looked him up and downloaded most of his projects and on one of them he had a track called Stone Cold Steve Austin. As soon as I heard those chords and this pulse sound he had I wanted to write something. When it came time to scribe to Mr. Faux’s melodies I took the beat’s title into mind and stuck with the theme. Initially I wanted to have the hook “Stone Cold Steve Austin” in a slowed down screwed voice. Stone Cold is a fresh and creative song that I have had since 2012 and now has found its way to being repackaged with some guest vocals from the homie Doc. It’s really a song I love to rock out to. The track to me is an opus to the man the song is titled; Stone Cold was one of my favorites growing up and he comes from the attitude era where he left a legacy of being one of the best at his craft. The thing about Steve Austin as a person and a character is he was a person who believed in himself and didn’t give two fucks; recently having viewed his biography this was something he had to build upon to become one of the best at what he did. Through his trials and tribulations Austin always felt like he wasn’t getting his due so when it was time to show up he would just come at it and raise hell something I feel like someone like me has to do. Austin wasn’t a made-up character he was really hungry for his shine but the powers that be at WCW didn’t see it just as people wont see your talent because it doesn’t fit the criterion of what’s accepted at the moment. I felt at the time I just needed people to know that I’m showing up my whole verse I just imagined being him as he walked down the aisle before a match, which is a classic part of his persona. Music sometimes is about personification and metaphors; the overall allegory I wanted to make to the listener and myself, is that sometimes you just have to take an aggressive stance people have to see that attitude and edge when you believe you can achieve something.  When Austin got his opportunity in WWF he skyrocketed as the brash talented polished edgy guy who found his spark, a man who was there to rock and keep it rolling. This song is about saying fuck it I’m going to get mines and that’s the bottom line because you say so, it’s about embodying the attitude of Stone Cold in life. Simple idea now the song is one of my favorites and is literally breakout song material if I do it right and adding Doc adds that fuck it I’m doing me element. This idea all came from the head of that young African kid making beats on the kitchen table while it snowed outside.