3rd Blog Post: What A Feeling: Healthy Body Healthy Mind

This past year has been a wild one for me; I have found an energy that keeps me going. I’ve seen the vision; I’ve seen the heights I can reach. Atlanta has been an absolute perfect place for this to happen because I’ve been blessed to perform for numerous crowds here. It has been fun networking with amazing people and I have seen what a launching pad it can be with the recent success of people like Future, Two-9 and recently OG Maco and Ilovemakonnen. As I continue to find myself I am realizing that my passion to rap haunts me so much I rap to myself at work while making pizzas. So this year has been all about mastering this passion I believe in. I’m working on myself and hunting down the opportunities all while developing my niche. This drive has slowly lead me to pay attention to my health; I want my name to be amongst the most electrifying acts Atlanta has to offer. In order  to do that I have to put on an energetic show and transfer some electricity. Now in no way am I saying I want to be the next Darren Sproles but I can be the next Busta Rhymes if I do a couple push up and sit-ups. I’ve realized you don’t do well if you don’t feel well so I’ve made a conscious effort to create a regimen that has me doing exercise and practice my show. I firmly believe if my body has the energy people will feel it. So I have made the decision to live and care for myself to live life with energy and passion. I hope people can understand from my music is that I push to be happy.  I’m grateful for numerous things, I’m grateful for the people around me I’m grateful for the experiences and adventures. I love the ganja; I love lovely women and nature. This incredible energy has got me up in the morning jogging, working out when I get home from work and watching what I eat. It’s got me feeling good and feeling good helps me stay in tune with the fact that I’m still out here to get it. I’m still that big headed African dude that packed up and headed out to Atlanta and make some music. Mind body and soul I’m feeling like a champ and its time to go and get it.