1st blog post

Its about to be a year since I decided to really go out there and really present myself and my music. Slowly but surely more and more opportunities to perform, network and just take in life’s energy have been presenting themselves and moving forward I have to be prepared to answer one question; So what makes you different from other upcoming artists? The answer for me a usually reserved person in expressing myself when it comes to talking about myself usually when it shouldn’t be a hard one to come up with. I can say oh yeah because “I’m doper than everyone else” something everyone from A to Z will answer or play it humble and not be taken as seriously. I’m pretty sure most people have that confidence and we all know as a rapper at some point you have to toot your own horn its in our dna its a part of it. To me really the answer isn’t a definite one or statement but lies in who I want you to know me as, “The Radical One”. The more and more I become Zulu Faz the more I want to become someone that can separate himself from the crowd something I think all great artists do hence their success. This whole thing to me since I started was this big idea that I can rap that I can represent a culture and present a different perspective all while teaching myself how to after being a producer for a while. Sounded like a radical idea circa 2011 but fast forward to 2014 I have a solid project and music that gets feedback in addition to hitting the stage with songs called “Stone Cold Steve Austin” “dirtyglovebastard” and “What A Feeling” I hear my voice I hear the result of that radical idea; I told myself I could become this. This aspect to me is the energy I hope to spread through my music; to be yourself have ideas and reforms as to how things should be to you and create your own rules and pursue these ideas. This energy translates in the way we talk what we take interest in what we aspire to be and sticking to that in a world where people adhere to rules that aren’t theirs living to you own accord. I say what separates me is that I am a Radical One not a crazy radical but someone with strong convictions and principle that you can be what the fuck you want to be as long as you focus on that if you stick to that idea and pursue that. I am the Radical One I am willing to be myself in my music and create what I want to hear therefore I can be no one else and there lies the difference. I am Zulu Faz the Radical One not bad for a quiet kid from Africa who thought he could make beats.